Jon Topper: A Brief History of Cloud Infrastructure

The November 2017 Codemill Digital skills meetup had Jon Topper (Scale Factory) give us a brief introduction to History of Cloud Infrastructure.

Jon Topper has been doing DevOps since before we called it that and has been in the IT industry since 1997 and shared his experience how cloud infrastructure changed through the years:

  • 1999 – server room in the basement, single 2MB connection to the internet, used desktop PCs. Installing a new server was a very time consuming activity – 2-3 weeks.
  • 2000 – “Growing up”, network installation
  • 2001- Hypervosor, split responsibility
  • 2004 – Infrastructure as code
  • 2006 – AWS EC2
  • 2013 – Containers
  • 2015 – Orchestration, kubernetes
  • 2017 – Serverless


  • On-premise VMWare basically dead
  • Traditional config management losing favour
  • Packer / Terraform in heavy use
  • The cool kids are using Kubernetes (But, really, don’t run it yourself)
  • Consider Lambda for async workloads
  • Serverless likely to increase in popularity


You can listen to the talk and see the slides here:



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