CodeMill provides high-quality digital skills via partnerships with industry, academia, employers, and communities.

Our monthly tech meetups complement regular public / private training sessions and community outreach activities.

We have established a collaboration between employers, recruiters, schools & colleges, and voluntary groups designed to help meet the huge demand for digital skills in the UK. By tailoring the training in digital skills to meet the needs of employers, we are building a more secure future for people in the UK.

Digital skills are more than just “code”. For an effective digital economy we need a wide variety of people:

  • Software / firmware / hardware developers and designers
  • Testers
  • User Experience (UX) people
  • Agile coaches
  • Delivery and infrastructure engineers
  • Product Owners

We also need people from a wide range of backgrounds so that our problem-solving is accelerated. This is why we invest in people from all backgrounds.

CodeMill is backed by Conflux, a Leeds-based software consulting and training company.